Regular Activities

Study Circles   Study Circles
Study Circles are a systematic way of learning about Spirituality and the Baha'i Faith, with special emphasis being placed on putting spirituality into practice. The popular Ruhi Books follow themes such as the Life of the Spirit, Arising to Serve, Children's Classes, Baha'i History, and Walking Together. In these Study Circles there is no leader directing the 'right' answers: the Study Circle has a facilitator encouraging everybody's heart-felt input as a valuable contribution, through the exploration of different questions, quotations and themes. If you are interested in taking part in a Study Circle, please contact us.
Firesides are an evening of open questions and discussion on a broad range of topics in a homely environment, often beginning with a meal together.
If you are interested in attending a Fireside, please contact us.
Childrens ClassesChildren's Classes
Children's classes bring into a child's life spiritual and emotional skills, character building and an understanding of spirituality.
If you are interested in Children's Classes in your home or area, please do contact us.
In addition to firesides, there are many one-off study evenings that are held, often called deepenings.
Periods of spiritual readings are held every Saturday afternoon, 3-4 pm, at the Western Isles Hospital Chaplaincy Room.
Holy Days
Public Holy Days are commemorated every year on the following dates :
21 Mar, 21 Apr, 29 Apr, 2 May, 23 May, 29 May, 9 July, 20 Oct, 12 Nov, 26 Nov, 28 Nov.
19 Day Feasts
Feasts are a time for the Baha'is to get together amongst themselves, say prayers, consult and have a social time. We hold them every 19 days.
Contact : Secretary.
Young People’s Summer Trips
Youth and Children Summer trips take place in July, where the young people enjoy a week of prayers, indoor and outdoor activities and an enjoyable get together.