60 Years Workshops

With our Celebratory Workshops (below) now complete, please see our Regular Calendar for details !

60 years of the Baha'i Faith in the Western Isles (1953-2013) was celebrated through the following series of presentations during 2013, called 'Baha'i Home Coming'.

Program of Events

All the meetings will be held at the Art Centre (An Lanntair), Stornoway (Interactive MapVenue Contact Info), all speakers are from Highlands and Islands, and admission is free...

'Naw-Ruz' the Baha'i New Year23 Mar20137-9pmRhiannon
On her work with the UNApr20137-9pmZarrin Haisworth-Fadaei
Religious Education in Scottish Schools01 Jun20137-9pmScott & Kathleen Murray
TBC08 Jun20137-9pmPixie MacCallum
Reflections on the life of spirit13 Jul20137-9pmRosemary McLaughlin
Our Scottish Heritage and The Role of the Bahá'í Community in Our Native Land03 Aug20137-9pmNeil & Jane Macmillan
Twin Manifestations14 Sep20137-9pmJohn Parris
On her music and spiritual journey12 Oct20137-9pmCarolyn Fox
Baha'u'llah16 Nov20137-9pmRuhy Parris
Global Warming13 Dec20137-9pmRolf Schmidt
On his book, The Seven Year Hutch [Baha'i Faith in Mongolia]17 Jan20147-9pmDavid Grant

Our centenary programme can be viewed advertised on scotlandsislands.com